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Websites are universal but unfortunately there is no such single universal language which can be understood by each and every individual. Certainly English is a universal language but it doesn’t mean that every individual, regardless of its geographical differences, can read and understand it. Therefore, if you meant to earn business from a different, remote, or international region through your website, you website must speak their language, not yours.

True! Google translation interface is something which can serve a solution to some extent, but it’s not the perfect solution, for sure. No translation software can translate text in another language perfectly. You have got to use services of expert website localization professionals for the purpose, if you really want to get it done perfect. This has its own benefits of course. This is what Logix81 has been doing for more than 10 years. We have localized several of websites so far, and doing it regularly for many new clients.

The job of website localization service must not be misunderstood as merely website translation service which it absolutely is not. It involves much more than that. It is not about translation, but internationalization of your business, brand and identity. The website should reflect local culture and language in its appearance. This requires both a language translator, and an expert to review cultural aspects too. This becomes more complicated when you have got to add elocution to the language by using local metaphors, idioms, and proverbs. We do perfectly the way it appears very local to the visitors, hence better conversion prospects.

We provide website localization services to all individuals, small enterprises, to large business houses. Whether you have got a single one page website or an entire encyclopedia with thousands of pages in it, we can localize it for any desired country or region.

Our website localization services include:

  • Website content translation
  • Blog/Forum/Comments posts translation
  • Database translation
  • Menus/Sub Menus/Tags/Anchors translation
  • Files Names / Image Names translation
  • Image editing / colour scheme / banner design / redesign

Website localization, if done well, can serve the most valuable SEO benefits too. At Logix81, entire website localization process is supervised by programming and SEO experts to ensure that its gets SEO optimized to the best possible extent.

Have you also got a website in English and doing business in a non-English speaking world? Get your website localized today.

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