Silent Conference Receivers

Our Silent Conference Receivers use infrared for audio transmission of up to 32 channels. Based on proven technologies our comfortable wireless Receivers provide noise-free reception. The receiver losses are minimized by using a special design.

Silent Conference Receivers are intended to be used in conjunction with a wireless transmitter at events. The wireless receiver’s frequency/channel and volume can be changed on a particular handset. Rechargeable handsets provide power for a variety of earphone-headsets which can be plugged into the handset. Event attendees can use the event handset to choose and change the appropriate channel and volume during the event. Charging infrastructure allows for fast recharging especially for longer or multiday events. Each attendee at the conference has their own receiver with a maximum of 32 channels so each attendee can listen in their own language. We can add to your number of receivers on our global rental stock for large demands.

Choosing the right Interpreter Receiver options should consider the following aspects:

  • Number of units
  • Number of channels
  • Security of Channel
  • Price per unit
  • User-friendliness
  • Ear phone options
  • Battery life-time
  • Charging Speed
  • Weight & Dimensions

Receiver Headsets

Different clients have different requirements in regards to the receiver headset / earpiece. We carry a large variety of Ear buds, headbands and ear hooks. Headsets come with different technical specification (mainly dB/V capabilities). Some units are designed for 1-time usage, while some permit changing of smitten / cushion. For more information, please contact us.

For Silent Disco, please check out the following page: Silent Disco

 Receiver Tracking

During your event or conference the participant deserves a seamless experience receiving and returning the headset. At the same time, considering the value of the technical unit, we need a save a secure rental process. To accommodate speed and participant experience, we created a set of different options to facilitate the most common scenarios for the Interpretation Receiver rental.

The most common receiver tracking options are:

  • 1. No Tracking
  • 2. Business Card / ID exchange
  • 3. Contact Registration
  • 4. Bar / QR Code Scanning
  • 5. RFID tracking
  • Standards – Complies with the IEC914, IEC61603-3 and IEC61603-7
  • Number of channels -depends on version: 4, 12 or 32
  • Directional characteristic – 120° horizontal, 100° vertical
  • Operation modes – Superhot receiver with PLL-Synthesizer / FM-Modulation
  • Display – LC-Display (2 digits) / displays channel number and volume level / back-lighted
  • Carrier frequencies – (55 – 1335)kHz in 40kHz steps (Band II) / (1935 – 3175)kHz in 40kHz steps (Band IV)
  • Inter frequency – 455kHz
  • Frequency range – (125 – 8000)Hz
  • Distortion – < 2.0%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) – > 55dB
  • Voltage Supply – Range (3.6 – 4.5)V / 3 x NiMH rechargeable battery 1.2V / 750mA/h (included in delivery)
  • Charging time – approx. 4-6 hours or 3 x battery 1.5V type AAA each
  • Time of operation – approx. 120 hours (batteries) / approx. 75 hours (rechargeable batteries)
  • Connector – Headphones (3.5mm jack-socket)
  • Impedance – (32 – 3000) Ohm
  • Housing – Plastic, grey
  • Size – W x H x D (50 x 150 x 25)mm
  • Weight (incl. batteries) – 150g
  • Frequency Range : 470-510 MHz
  • Oscillation Mode : PLL Synthesized
  • Pre-set Channels : 99 channels
  • Switching Bandwidth : 12MHz
  • Channel Grid : 250KHz
  • RF Output Power : 10mW
  • Sensitivity: Approx Approx.-102dBm
  • Operating Range : Up to 300 meters / 530 feet (line-of-sight)
  • Frequency Response : 50Hz~12KHz
  • Display : LCD Display Backlit LCD display
  • Power Supply Receiver and Transmitter: rechargeable lithium battery
  • Operating Time : Up to 14-20 hours
  • Dimensions : 70mmX 55mmX16mm
  • Weight Transmitter and Receiver: 65g