Audience Response System- Voting Pads

Audience Response System is a modern Response Technology, designed to collect instant feedback on any topic from audience. It allows a large group of people to respond a question or vote on a topic wireless. Audience Response System is also known as Student Response System or Voting Pad or Clicker. Audience Response System increases 100% participant’s engagement, attention and content retention while using in classrooms, conference rooms, corporate training or in live events.

Interpretation India comprises of response device (clicker), presenter device, receiver and assessment software. Instructor asks a impromptu question or inserts questions on PowerPoint slides, participants respond using response devices. All the responses are stored in instructor’s PC for report generation and further analysis. It also displays live result during assessment session.

Voting Pads are the best suited to communicate with your learners bi-directionally. Voting pads allow participants to respond on even sensitive topic anonymously. Our response system ensures 100% participants attention throughout the lecture or presentation. All students listen to teacher carefully, because they have to answer the questions in the last of the session. More they listen, more they understand, therefore better their academic achievements they will have.

  • Audience Response System (Voting Pads) makes your presentation and conference even more engaging and interactive.
  • Interpretation India’s voting pads are easy to use solution with Plug and play capability.
  • Flexible rental solutions available across all the cities In India.
  • Pricing to Suit budget of Event manager and PCOs.
  • Set up Time : between 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending upon the number and availability of quiz Questions.
  • Results will be displayed instantly after each quiz question.
  • Interpretation India has managed successfully implemented voting pads in multiple sessions simultaneously and seamlessly.
  • Instant Voting and Feedback Retrieval
  • Quiz and Test (with auto-marking & answer collection)
  • Corporate Training
  • Product launch, Conference, Meeting, Medical discussion
  • Supports up to 999 users at a time
  • With a receiving angle of 360 degrees
  • With a signal receiving distance of 100 meters
  • Smart power management on keypads by automatically entering into the sleep mode when keypads are not in use
  • The System includes : Respondent Handset (Voting pads), Software, Receiver and Master.
  • Power Source : AAA battery.
  • Battery life : 1 to 2 years.
  • 2.4 GHz RF Technology.
  • The handset has an LCD screen and answer transmission indicator.
  • Auto-setting question and options.
  • Results can be displayed in multiple formats.
  • Multi report facility and analysis of data as per requirement.