RF Interpretation Equipment

By delivering 100% accurate interpretation in any requested language and not altering the meaning of words during translation, a good simultaneous RF  interpretation Equipment can make your lives easier. At affordable rates, our company is the leading provider of interpretation and language translation services, as well as equipment rentals.

Our RF interpretation equipment, which is designed with the latest technology, provides a superior listening experience with a focus on crystal-clear sound quality. Our professional team of trained interpreters can perform translation in any requested language including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu,  Korean,  Tamil, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati etc.

  • Light weighted and very easy to install
  • Make your event successful
  • Designed to meet future market requirements
  • Language is no boundary at all
  • All languages and interpreter desks can be remotely configured and managed
  • Easy system expansion with wired and wireless units
  • Flexible interfacing with 3rd party devices
  • Technologically advanced languages translation interpretation system
  • High-quality audio distribution system
  • Build for real-life needs of interpreters
    Affordable Simultaneous Translation Services
  • Configured with permanent installations in mind, the LS-54 Stationary RF System comes with everything needed to immediately integrate and offer high-quality assistive listening while meeting compliance requirements.
  • Beginning with the LT-800-216 Stationary RF Transmitter and LA-122 Universal Antenna Kit, the system allows you to configure and rack mount the antenna ideal for your system and setup.
  • Four of our intelligent LR-4200-216 iDSP Receivers are included as well, along with four universal ear speakers, two intelligent neck loops/lanyards, a four-port USB charger, RCA cable, and a notification signage kit. The result is a complete assistive listening system that provides outstanding audio performance and immediate compliance for your business or venue.

High-quality listening experience with the LS-30-072 Listen iDSP Essentials Starter Stationary RF System. Perfect for providing assisistive listening in venues with a seating capacity of less than 50 people, the LS-30 includes all of the equipment needed to ensure legislative compliance and give your clients and customers access to improved audio.