OSL BCS Business Conference System

The OSL BCS – Business Conference System surpasses the industry standards in its ease of use, design & interoperability with the existing conference room ecosystem. The BCS Control Server along with the BCS-Meet Software make it a robust power & central command server for quick and easy operation for upto 96 delegate microphones.

Here is a list of third party integrations that can be supported over the BCS conference system. Contact your nearest dealer for installation support

  • PSTN Dial-in Support
  • Additional Support for wireless microphones
  • Realtime Feedback Suppression & Noise Reduction
  • Software Controlled Voting
  • Automatic Camera Tracking


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  • Meeting Rooms
  • Small Huddle Rooms
  • Hotel Conference Rooms
  • Portable Conference Rooms
  • Corporte Offices
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Delegate Boardrooms
  • SIP integration to connect with distant
OSL-BCS Business Conference System

The Quick Conference Setup allows users to set-up a quick, plug & play conference solution using the built-in speakers in each of the conference units, or the headphone jacks for aprivate / silent conference.

The Basic Conference Setup is the most popular setup configuration where control server outputs the meeting audio into the speakers via an amplifier so all the delegates in the room can be involved in the meeting.

An SIP Integration allows distant delegates to be a part of the discussion from another office around the globe, or even on the go. The delegates can dial-in to the meeting using any 3-rd party SIP phone and integrating it with the audio transfer RCA ports on the Control server