Professional Certified Translations

  • Only ₹ 999/- per page/250 words
  • Turnaround Within 24 Hours
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • Word-for-Word Accurate Translation
  • Notarized Translations Available

Hundreds of different documents in over 60+ languages

Whether you’re submitting documents for immigration, or applying to a university, we can translate your documents for acceptance. Any legible document can be translated by us into or from over 60 languages.

Here are some of the documents that require Legalised, Sworn and Certified Translation services:

  • Academic Certificates
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Birth Certificates
  • Certificates of Foreign Government
  • Adoption Paperwork
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Police Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Corporate Documents to be Used Overseas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Distributorship Agreements
  • Degree Certificates
  • Teaching Certificates
  • Patents

Certified Translation

We go above and beyond just translating words. We provide an unmatched service for our customers.

Quick Turnaround

Up to 10 pages within 24 hours, 30 pages within 48 hours. Estimates available with each order.

Worldwide Acceptance

Our translations are accepted by all Foreign Embassies and hundreds of other governments and agencies.

Convenient Access

Translations can be downloaded securely once complete. We can also notarize and also get mail translations.

Professional Translators

Our team consists of hundreds of native speakers. Your translation is always 100% human powered.

Simple Pricing

Starting at 999 per page. All major cards & PayPal accepted.

Always Secure

We employ state of the art encryption on your original documents and every translation we produce.

Certified translations are normally required when submitting legal documents: for example, birth, marriage certificates or documents intended for official use, such as contracts or patents. You may be asked by an official body, such as Courts of Law or the Home Office, to provide a certified translation of their original documents, and it’s vitally important that this is a notarized translation that can be backed up by the certificate of authenticity. Understanding what constitutes a ‘certificate translation’ can be confusing, and that’s where our professional, fast and efficient service comes in, and we guarantee to handle your documents with the strictest confidentiality. There are generally two types of recognised certified translation: ‘standard’ and ‘notarized’. In most cases, a standard certified translation can be used for full legal. It is delivered officially signed and stamped by the translator/translation company together with a cover letter, giving full details. This can be treated as a proof of accuracy, which ensures that all your documents are easily recognized and accepted at all government offices and departments.

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