Multilingual Voice Over Services

A good voice might make a simple message sound interesting, while a bad voice might make people ignore even an important message. This goes to say that every message must wear an attractive voice. This is what our voice over services are meant for.

We provide varieties of voice for various works. Whether you want it for a radio program, a television commercial or program, a documentary film, auto telephonic responders, animation films, railway or airport announcements, training programs, films, advertisements, or something else, we promise a perfect voice to make your message memorable.

Besides above, there are corporate presentations, websites, product displays and other marketing material that you may want to be localized not only in writing but in audio format too. We do it perfectly. We do it equally well for entertainment industry too viz plays, dramas, historical commentaries, video games, etc.

Vice over can be done in one or multiple voices and language depending upon the purpose of the script. We can help you decide what might be the best possible way to do your job and will do it accordingly. We have got a fully equipped recording studio and a team of professional voice over artists who can do it in different languages on demand. No matter which country of the world you want your presentation to be displayed in, we can get it recorded through native professional voice over artists of that very origin if so is your requirement. You can even choose age, gender, tone, accent and any specific style of the artist to suite your job.

Our esteemed clientele include radio stations, advertising agencies, video production houses, film studios, and independent documentary film makers and artists.

Some of our common Voice Over Services are:

  • Broadcast
  • Conferences
  • Corporate videos
  • Films and animation
  • Games
  • General telecoms and automated services
  • Online courses
  • Radio commercials
  • Webinars
  • Corporate presentations, product manual, training, etc.

So, anything you want a voice over service for, just drop us a mail and we will get back to you no later than 24 hours at most. You can also call at given numbers for instant response.


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