Software & Mobile App Localization

Software & Mobile App Localization is essentially the adaptation of software to other languages and cultures and the process can initiate a strong effect on all the aspects software engineering. This process remains highly labor intensive and as such takes up a significant measure of time of the software development teams. This signifies that software should be designed in such a way that it is easily adapted to diverse languages as also many regions without any engineering changes being made to the program. At Logix81 we have the necessary manpower and infrastructure to make this immensely possible and that is why so many IT companies entrust us with all their software localization requirements.

We at Logix81 understand that software localization remains a sophisticated process and we provide translation of strings and translation of content localized to the target country. Even simple translation involves editing, terminology research, page layout and proofreading. Besides, localization has a tendency to entail supplementary activities, like project management of a multilingual nature, planning translation strategy, as also conversion of every file format containing relevant data, maintenance and alignment of the entire translation memories, software as well as online help, engineering, testing, and supporting multilingual products.

Some of our relevant services in this field include:

  • Software Applications
  • Software Strings
  • Marketing materials
  • User Interfaces (UI)
  • Multimedia
  • Firmware
  • Training Materials
  • Online Help
  • eLearning Content
  • Documentation
  • Product Packing

We are perfectly aware that markets in general become increasingly internationalized in this era of globalization, necessitating the need to impart information in diverse languages. This is particularly significant in the case of software markets, where the products themselves consist almost wholly of information that is localizable. Translation as well as customization of such software entails specialists in various disciplines, such as translators, programmers, QA specialists, localization engineers, and project managers.

Therefore, software localization involves not only an effortless procedure for performing tasks, but also the active coordination of localization teams that might consist of both employees as well as freelance specialists. And choosing the right software localization agency can make all the difference between success and failure of the end product. This is exactly where Logix81 fits in, as we can effectively deal with all your software localization needs.

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