Medical Translation Services

Medicine is the same all over the world, but languages are found aplenty. And medical translation service is a process that involves personnel who can fully comprehend the whole range of medical terms, concepts and terminology. Without this understanding, it is not at all feasible to create a comprehensive translation that can imbibe the general meaning of a unique medical text. Logix81 is a medical translation agency that comprises of expert translators with grounding in both science and medicine. We run the whole gamut of translation tasks like translate, edit, proof read as well as subject to a stringent test our own medical translation documents so that they meet if not exceed the quality standards inherent in medical terminology.

Logix81 leads the field in medical translation services as well as related services. We serve people to propagate their schemes to a worldwide audience that comprises of multilingual medical consumers as well as professionals. We at Logix81 guarantee the most wide-ranging solutions to the translation problems of our customers, as our expertise encompasses a wide realm of medical translation.

They include among others …

  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medical applications – Multimedia
  • Papers related to patient data, Medical texts and psychology
  • Clinical, pharmacological, toxicological, as also biological information
  • User guides: Patients and medical staff
  • Medical equipment: brochures, instruction manuals, and software
  • Glossaries of Equipment, medical terminology medical questionnaires, and packaging labels

We at Logix81 realize that medical translation has taken on added importance for the simple reason that almost all literature on medicine is written either in German or English, languages which many do not use. This has made the process of medical translation vital for a vast array of documents. Besides, medical translations can aid you by providing you with the latest in medical terminology, necessary medical books and brochures and these will considerably enhance your practice.

Logix81 is well aware that unless each and every medical document of yours are not translated with the accuracy it deserves, none of your medical documentation will reflect your care and professionalism. That is exactly why we encompass a plethora of medical areas and terms that ranges from dentistry to anesthesia to pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine. We translate every facet and factor of your medical practice and no part of the whole endeavor is left behind to create a lacuna in translated information.

So if you are looking for a high quality medical translation service provider, contact us.

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