Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Language Interpretation is when the interpreter translates the language once the speaker has finished his/her phrase. This is often used in interviews or one-to-one meetings. It is a difficult task to perform as it leaves interpreter with no opportunity to refer manual or books for the right word to use, nor he can edit or correct the mistakes if one left his mouth. This goes to say that an interpreter must possess.

  1. Good knowledge of the formal language and respective etiquette’s
  2. Good experience in delivering interpretation services
  3. Good awareness about local cultural aspects capability to weave them with the deliverables instantly.

This makes it imperative for the organizations to look for talented, professional and proven language interpretation services for their requirement. For a petty mistake might cost heavy to the company otherwise.

Logix81 has been assisting many individuals and organizations in their need of consecutive language interpretation service successfully. We have got a team of talented interpreters from different walks of life, and different geographical regions to provide you the most suitable interpretation services when you need it.

It certainly helps us manage the tings better if you book your requirements in advance. However, we understand that sometimes situations might arise without any prefixed schedule too; hence we are always in ready to serve you even at a short-notice.

We offer consecutive language interpretation services in both on-site, and remote ways, which include:

  • Interpretation services over telephone
  • Interpretation services over online video chat / Conference call
  • Interpretation services through Voice Over IP
  • Interpretation services
  • Interpretation services through any other of prevailing conference media

If there is a need of consecutive language interpretation, Contact Logix81 for quick and quality interpretation service.

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