Soolai wireless simultaneous interpretation or Tour Guide Systems

Soolai wireless simultaneous interpretation system / tour guide system (1600 Series) is composed of several different transmitters and receivers, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, you can choose them based on your requirement.

It is widely used in wireless tour guide, simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous teaching and stage monitoring. It is the best in the same kind of products, the ultra-anti-interference ability, the best environmental adaptability and the clearest sound.

Unique design of welcome-screen, salutatory and LOGO can be edited and displayed in main devices’ display screen.
Switching 32 channel (language) quickly, displaying languages’ name/channel/frequency Simultaneously. with optionally setting of 2-32 channel switch, each channels’ frequency and name can be set independently. Language can be selected by user own in simultaneously interpretation application.

The unique design of hand-to-hand connection between multiple interpreters can realize the alternate rotation of multiple people, to reduce the pressure and improve the quality of simultaneous interpretation services.

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SPL-1600T: Portable wireless transmitter, connecting with headset mic or lavalier mic, Suitable for outdoor use.
WT-1600: Stationary wireless transmitter, RF high power output with multiple connection interfaces, Suitable for indoor use with multiform jack connection, adapt to indoor application.


SPL-1600R: Portable wireless receiver, connect to earphones to support a variety of wearing methods.
WI-1600: Stationary wireless interpreter, It is used for monitoring and speaking for interpreter.

Soolai Tour Guide System

● Unique design of welcome screen, editing and displaying salutatory and LOGO.
● Portable transmitter and receiver, portable design, super compact and lightweight.
● Metal shell design.
● UHF band PLL synthesized design, 40MHZ bandwidth design, 1599 frequencies for select.
● “Digital Pilotone & RF Noise Lock” dual-squelch circuit of soolai original creation, to improve anti–interference
performance of system.
● High performance double-IF circuit design.
● RF track tuning filtering technical of Soolai original creation, with multi-stage high performance RF saw filters to get high
anti-interference to ensure multiple channels can be used simultaneously without interference.
● Channel group management, with 32 channels in User Group, frequency and name of each channel can be set
independently by user.
● Switching 32 channel (language) quickly, displaying languages’ name/channel/frequency Simultaneously.
● 128*64 dot matrix double-color OLED display.
● OLED display channel group, channel, frequency, name, volume,lock, battery state, RF level, Audio level and overload
● Digital 16 -step volume control of receiver.
● Digital 21-step SQ adjusting of receiver.
● Parameter setting with password protection.
● Built-in polymer ion polymer battery, continuously working for 11-12hours.
● Auto shutdown function, it will auto shutdown when no signal been received.
● Unique design of the main device and the clip is separated, and there are two ways of wearing by lanyard and waist
● Variously charging equipments for choice, convenient to charge, disinfect, store and carry.
● Operating range 200-300m (line-of-sight).

Soolai Tour Guide System