Bosch CCS 900 Conference Mics

The Bosch Delegate Unit is meant to be used with the Bosch CCS 900 Conference System. A built-in speaker and an adjustable gooseneck microphone are present in the Delegate Unit. The LED lights up to indicate when the microphone can be activated. During use, the loudspeaker of the CCS-D Delegate Unit is automatically muted and has a red LED ring to indicate power. Furthermore, there is a dedicated headphone output with level control.


  • Possible‑To‑Speak
    There is a ‘Possible to Speak’ indicator that is built-in and displays if it is possible to activate the microphone. The ‘microphone on’ indicator and a white LED are used to show this functionality.
  • Microphone with flexible stem and light ring
    The microphone is mounted on a flexible stem, which is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences. It also allows two people to use the same delegate unit as they can pull the microphone towards them when required to speak. Incorporated into the head of the microphone is a light ring which illuminates red to indicate when the microphone is on.Built‑in loudspeaker
    Loudspeaker volume is set centrally at the Control Unit for all delegate units. To prevent acoustic feedback, the built‑in loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is on.
  • Two headphone sockets
    Two 3.5 mm (0.14 in) stereo headphone sockets (wired for mono) allow two pairs of headphones to be connected so two delegates can simultaneously use the unit. It is also
    possible to connect a tape recorder to one headphone socket, and use the other headphone socket to listen to the proceedings.Built‑in volume control for headphones
    The headphone volume level can be adjusted by means of a thumbwheel on the unit for maximum comfort.Compact, attractive design
    Featuring modern, unobtrusive styling and finished in charcoal gray these units make a valuable addition to any venue
  • Standard or Extended Length Microphone Stems
    The delegate units are available with standard 2,5m Cables and 39cm microphone stem lengths.

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A compact, full-featured meeting solution

Each system includes a control unit (CU) connected to a number of delegate and chairman units.

Innovative and authentic design

The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion Unit delivers excellent ergonomics, improved acoustical characteristics and a design that complements any interior, from new, ultra-modern buildings to traditional, centuries-old structures. It combines excellent acoustics, superior component design and intuitive use with eye-catching aesthetic quality.

Unique “Possible-To-Speak” indicator

The “Possible-To-Speak” indicator gives delegates a visual indication when the microphone is available to speak. Depending on the selected mode of the CU, up to four delegates can switch on their microphones simultaneously.

Excellent speech intelligibility with acoustic feedback suppression

Use of genuine Bosch DAFS (Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppressor) ensures superb speech intelligibility. The technology employs proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) functions to balance sound pressure levels and system gain above normal feedback limits. As a result, users can increase the volume to higher-than-normal levels without generating feedback or making the microphone “howl”.

Discussion devices

  • Advanced acoustic design with attractive look and feel
  • Unique, patent-pending “Possible-To-Speak” indicator
  • Excellent speech intelligibility with genuine Bosch DAFS technology

System control

  • Full discussion control with four operating modes
  • Highly flexible and customizable system supporting up to 150 units
  • Easy plug-and-play installation: one-cable, daisy-chain connectivity
  • Easy to use, no operator required


Complete discussion control

The CCS 900 Ultro lets the chairman manage the proceedings. The chairman unit has a priority button with attention tone to mute delegate microphones. Additional microphones and other equipment can be added as well.

Plug-and-play system

Since it’s a plug-and-play, all-in-one discussion solution, the CCS 900 Ultro requires no special training or operator. Anyone can begin using the intuitive controls immediately. The microphone mode and the volume level can be adjusted using the CU dials.

Future-proof system expandability

Value-added features, an elegant design, an excellent price/quality ratio and innovative technology make the CCS 900 Ultro system exceptional. The system is designed for future expansion, with the possibility of adding a wide range of additional equipment and auxiliary components, including an interpretation system, language distribution, public address system and an interface for tele/video conferencing.

The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System is ideal for small-to-medium-scale meeting areas, such as town halls and local business centers. But the CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System also makes an excellent base installation for medium-scaled applications such as international business and conference centers.

Ideal for town halls

The CCS 900 Ultro is a flexible solution for this type of venues and makes it easy to conduct meetings without an operator. The chairman can guide the discussion, allowing individual delegates to speak or letting several delegates take the microphone simultaneously. Delegates are guided by a visual LED to know when to speak.

Local business centers

The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System is easily integrated with the Integrus Digital Infrared Language Distribution System. On top of this, there are a variety of integration possibilities, like a Bosch handheld microphone to speak or give presentations. Using an interface for tele- and video conferencing, two remote locations can be connected with each other. All this makes the system perfect for local business centers and medium-scaled international business and conventions centers.