Silent Disco

1. Silent Disco

Silent disco is no longer a novelty and has firmly become a part of the club, live music, and party scenes. Promoters and party organizers currently seriously take into account silent disco aboard regular music event formats.

Visitors to silent disco events love the possibility to switch between different types of music at the flick of a button on their headphones and the ability to take the headphones off to speak once the mood takes them. Silent disco is here to remain and it’s going over into alternative areas, like theater, cinema, gymnastics, yoga, and live concerts.

2. Silent Disco Headphone

Although we offer a little bit of everything, from party rental equipment to inflatable outdoor/drive-in movie screens, our specialties are silent disco headphones party rentals, event production, and event planning. Not in Delhi, then? No issue! For a simple do-it-yourself set up, we also send our silent disco headphones nationwide.

Some of the features of Silent Disco

  • Professional Silent Disco Wireless Headphones with 433Mhz/ 863Mhz/
  • 915Mhz ISM band, specific channels optional.
  • Transmits audio signals about 300M, through ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Active noise reduction system for crystal clear sound.
  • Advanced 40mm speaker for outstanding sound performance.
  • Double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability
  • Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection,
  • conserve battery life.
  • Funky flashlights gently pulse on as you pump the tunes up. .
  • Big channel-indicating logo light, you can see the channel difference by logo color.
  • Multiple colors are available for option.
  • Endless headphones can be used simultaneously with one transmitter.
  • Universities & Schools
  • Clubs & Theater
  • Cinema
  • Festivals
  • Private parties & Live Concerts.
  • Gymnastics & Yoga