Silent Conference System

1. What Can We Do for Your Silent Conference

Along with our headphones and transmission equipment, we also send our experienced technicians and hand-out staff should you require them. If you need any additional silent conference system or Audio-Visual equipment – such as microphones, mixers, projectors, plasma screens, and more – then we can supply this, ensuring you have the best quality service for your event.

Communication is a vital part of any corporate event and by using Interpretation India this can be taken to new heights. With multiple channels, it promotes a more interactive and direct experience. The potential for presentations to be delivered in several languages is a great opportunity for both speakers and audience members alike.

Another benefit of using our wireless silent conference system for your event is that a crowd doesn’t have to be physically divided when larger presentations are broken down into smaller seminars. Instead, listeners can simply flick over to the channel that requires their attention while remaining seated. We have also been able to enhance overflow areas – where a popular presentation has drawn too many attendants – guaranteeing that no one will miss out.


Utilise your space to the fullest and provide more stuff than before. The use of a silent conference eliminates the need for separate breakout rooms or huge areas and allows you to host multiple speakers in the same location or time slot. Increase your content density to increase your output.


Enlist a worldwide audience. Speak to your delegates in their native tongue while using our system to give them with multiple translations. Make sure your content is comprehended whether you’re providing a live translator or a translation of the presentation that has been pre-recorded.
» Meets the challenges of limited space for conducting Plenary and Breakaway sessions » No need of multiple set up – AV, Halls , chairs and rest of the paraphernalia » Easy for delegates to choose based on their area of interest » Substantial reduction in cost due reduced logistics, equipment and manpower along need for larger venues. » In case Simultaneous Interpretation services are being provided – the same equipment can be used for Silent Conference » Environmental friendly and as reduces noise pollution » The idea of Silent Conference with Interpretation India is gaining popularity enormously because of its added advantages like Cost Saving, Logistic Saving, no need of separate » Saves time and resources as set up time required is less than conventional conference


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