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Language Interpreter Services

We lead and provide high-quality language Interpretation Services to major cities in INDIA and abroad.

Interpretation India can transform any conference or business meeting into a world-class event. We realize how essential it is to provide your participant with the quality interpretation possible. With that in mind, we only work with the finest and most knowledgeable simultaneous conference interpreters throughout India to ensure each event comes off flawlessly. Our conference experts will work with you, providing pre-conference planning and on-site support throughout the event.

We provide the language interpretation services equipment and receivers needed for the maximum number of participants, tabletop and full-size interpretation booths, portable equipment, interpreter, and full technical support.

From initial contact to delivery of the final product, our order processing and assignment system allows us to provide quick document turnarounds and accurate language services to our customers. Our skilled, experienced staff can offer flexible translation plans to meet your budget or other business requirements.

Simultaneous interpretation is the process of interpreting from one language into another at the same time as the presenter is speaking. This type of interpretation is best suited for professional conferences, presentations and theatrical events. The audience is provided with a small headset or earpiece that receives the interpretation via radio or infrared waves. If more than one language is being interpreted, the audience may shift between languages. Please keep in mind that for this type of interpretation, interpreters work in pairs for each language. Each interpreter works in shifts of 20-30 minutes. This method allows the presenter to speak at a normal pace and will not slow down an event.

Consecutive interpretation is a method which allows the presenter to speak for a short period of time, usually less than a minute. Then the interpreter then renders the message into the target language. This type of interpretation is best suited for one-on-one situations, small group meetings, short presentations and telephone interpreting. The time required to provide the interpretation is generally as long as, or longer than, the original message. Remember to factor in this additional time when determining the time required for such a presentation

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