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Interpretation System

“Get high quality and affordable Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals and services only through Interpretation India”

Bosch Interpretation SystemInterpretation India is one of the qualities and affordable service provider for Simultaneous Interpretation Services in India and abroad. We have been known for offering the best quality solutions with a high level of innovations to handle all kinds of multilingual conferences and events, where Simultaneous Interpretation is a critical component for the success of any events.

Interpretation equipment by Interpretation India.

Interpretation India ensures that the services and solutions are built around the best suitable interpretation equipment/systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. It is very easy to install and connect these high-end products like interpreters microphones, ISO certified soundproof booths or state of the art Simultaneous Interpretation systems.

BOSCH Simultaneous Interpretation equipment /Interpretation Systems.

To deliver the best to our quality conscious clientele (across the world  ), we have created our own inventory of BOSCH Simultaneous Interpretation equipment or Interpretation systems. We have done extensive analysis and research work to identify the best products for wireless language distribution systems from BOSCH and other brands compatibility.

BOSCH is in the conference equipment business for the last 60 years and is considered as the market leader for conferencing and Simultaneous Interpretation solutions and equipment. Bosch Interpretation Systems have simple and elegant styling with the advanced technology that proved to be the most user-friendly and robust systems across the world for Simultaneous Interpretation.

BOSCH IR (Infrared) equipment

BOSCH IR (infrared) equipment are wireless communication systems are capable of running multiple conferences simultaneously in adjacent halls as the IR radiation does not go beyond the walls of the particular hall where the equipment radiators are placed.

Bosch Transmitter Equipment- Interpretation India

BOSCH IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment is a combination of various components which include a transmitter (that is the heart of the system), radiators, wireless receivers, headphones, flight case, cables, and other accessories. All these have been designed keeping in mind the ease of use, familiarity, and easy installation and handling.

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