Bosch Interpretation System

BOSCH central control unit (CCU2) includes functions for controlling wired delegate microphones, transmitting simultaneous interpreting and tuning, all without the need for a technician. In conjunction with a PC, this control unit enables optimized conference control. Users have access to a  variety of software modules, each with a specific conferencing control and monitoring capability. These modules significantly expand the ability to manage conferences. In the event of a PC failure, this unit will revert to standalone mode, allowing the conference to continue without any trouble.

  •  For DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless systems, or a combination of the two (Maximum one DCN‑WAP per system)
  •  Basic microphone management facilities
  • Four operational microphone modes: – Open: microphone button control with requestto- speak (Auto) – Override: microphone button with override of activated microphones (FIFO) – Voice: voice activated microphones – Push-to-talk (push and hold button to speak)
  • Number of open microphones between 1 and 25
  • The CCU can be assigned a unique name by the installer for easy identification
  •  VU meter readings to monitor audio inputs and audio outputs. The audio can be monitored using a headphone
  •  19” (2U) housing for tabletop or rack mounting
  • Handgrips for easy transportation