Bosch Digital Audio Ex-pander

The Audio Expander inserts external audio into the system and extracts audio from the system. This unit has control inputs and outputs for external interfacing. It can route its audio inputs permanently or conditionally to any of the zones or to other audio outputs. The routing conditions are configured using the configuration software. The audio output can be programmed to get its signal from any of the audio inputs.

  •  Automatic Gain Control
  • Audio input channels for floor and interpretation channels
  • Audio output channels for floor and interpretation channels (16-bit 44.1 kHz)
  • Flexible routing of floor and interpretation channels
  • Configuration of the Digital Audio Expander via a display and a single rotary push button
  • Each Digital Audio Expander can be assigned a unique name by the installer for easy identification
  • VU meter readings to monitor audio inputs and audio outputs. The audio can be monitored using headphones
  • 19” (2U) housing for tabletop or rack mounting
  • Handgrips for easy transportation
  • Unit is powered from the network